Model of Engine 3 and New Rockland Rescue – TFRS #23

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Some photos of my model of Engine 3.




Would you like a custom wooden emergency rig? Order a wooden 1/18th scale version of your favorite truck now at Chief Phil Beehler’s website ““!  If you would like more information about what he does, listen to episode #11 where I had him on the show.

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Burger King Rollover and Liberty Head-On Crash – TFRS #22

A 18 wheeler tractor-trailer truck rolled over on Route 17 half full of Burger King products in Rockport last week.  Please listen in to find out more and here is the full article.

A Cushing fire was quickly contained on Cushing Rd.  I have a video of some of the fire trucks and units that will be up on my YouTube channel in a week or so, keep an eye out for that!

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4 Alarm Fire with Captain Scott Lizotte_Sanford Fire Department – TFRS #20

In this weeks episode I have a great time talking with Sanford Captain Scott Lizotte.  I have him on to talk about the 4 alarm fire they had October 19th, 2017.  For more information on the Sanford Fire Department click here.  And for an article, photos, and video of the fire, click here!

In the Fire News segment I read a story from PenBay Pilot about a 2nd alarm fire Rockland Fire Department had.  Click on the link, or listen in, to learn more.

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Engineers with Lt. Patrick Lowe – TFRS #18

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be an engineer? Well, find out in this episode of The Fire-Rescue Show. Jared has Lt. Patrick Lowe from the Rockland Fire & EMS Department on to talk about what it is like to be an engineer.  We go from “what it is like to drive though heavy traffic”, to “what the roll of an engineer is”.  We also talk about Fire Prevention and what this year’s theme is.  Continue reading

Lawrence Gas Explosions and York Village Fire Food – TFRS #17

In this episode of The Fire-Rescue Jared talks about the Lawrence, MA gas explosions.  There were TONS of explosions in which at least 25 people were injured.  For the whole article and some pictures click here.

In the Fire Safety segment Jared gives some tips of what to do during or after a hurricane.  You can find some more info here.

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Bath Structure Fire and Rockport’s New Squad – TFRS #16

Ok, I am finally back after my mini “vacation”!

For the topic this week we talk about the new Squad 25 that Rockport FD bought.  It is a 2018 E-ONE Rescue/Pumper, an awesome rig!  Here are some of the features that it has, also check out the photo below!

1,500 GPM Pump

750-gallon tank

30 gallons of foam

CAFS System.  Compressed Air Foam System

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No Episode this Week, Host has been BUSY!!! – The Fire-Rescue Show

Hey listeners, just wanted to let you know that I will not be having an episode this week of TFRS.  I have been extremely busy and just didn’t have the time for it.  But I WILL be back on September 6th with another episode.  I am planing some really exciting episodes so stay tuned for that.  Thanks for listening!

Also, if you haven’t been keeping up to date on my CoolFireTrucks YouTube Channel, I have some new videos and I am working on a few right now that should be out in a few days.  And make sure to subscribe, then you won’t miss a video!  Thanks for watching.

Have a great day!

Interview with Dispatcher Jess Ward – TFRS #15

What is it like to be a dispatcher?  Find out in this episode of The Fire-Rescue Show!  Jared has Dispatcher Jess Ward from the Knox County Communications Center on the podcast this week.  They talk about: from what dispatchers do, to what the funniest call they’ve had is, and much more!  They also go through the hiring process.  So if your interested, apply today at the Knox County Dispatch Center!

I have decided that if the interviews are over twenty minutes, I will not have the Fire News segment.  The episode would get too long if it was included.

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