Interview with EMS Chief Rusty Barnard – TFRS #13

In this week’s show Jared has Firefighter/Paramedic Rusty Barnard from the Rockland Fire & EMS Department and he is also EMS Chief at the Thomaston Ambulance Service. They talk about everything from what the difficulties of EMS Chief are, to what he would like to improve on with Thomaston EMS.¬† Please tune in and find out a whole lot more!!

Thomaston Ambulance Service – Facebook

Rockland Fire & EMS Department

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Fires Across the Nation and Power Line Safety – TFRS #12

In this week’s episode Jared replaces the “topic” with three “Fire News” stories.¬† Here are the links to all of the Full stories:

Scarborough fire

Colorado Wildfire

Livermore Falls fatal fire

These are exciting but sad stories, and I hope you liked them.

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