Chief Beehler Interview_Six Finger Firemen Woodworking – TFRS #11

In this week’s interview Jared has Chief Phil Beehler who is a Battalion Chief with the Brighton Fire & Rescue District in Colorado on the show.  Chief Beehler also has a woodworking hobby/business and makes models of 1/18th scale wooden fire trucks (he makes YOUR truck).  Listen in to find out a whole LOT MORE about his department and woodworking business!  Put in an order now by going to his website:

I am not having the Fire New’s segment this week because the interview is about 17-18 minutes long, so I decided to just not have it this week.

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Fundraising and Deputy Cole – TFRS #10

This week’s topic is about Fire Department fundraisers or “fill-the-boot” as some departments call it.  They raise money for new equipment, new trucks, and even money for the Fallen Firefighters Foundation and more.  It would be great if you could donate at least $5 when they have those events.  I think they would really appreciate it and it would help them out as well!  Tune in and find out more!

In the Fire Safety segment this week Jared talks about and gives you a few tips about having camp fires in your backyard.  A few things that you must have or do are:

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Police Talk with Sgt. Olaf Sigaud – TFRS #9

This week’s guest is Sgt. Olaf Sigaud from the Thomaston, Maine Police Department.  We talk about everything from “what the duties are for a Police Officer on a Fire Scene” to “why he decided to become a Police Officer” and a whole lot more!  So plug-in your earphones and start listening!

No fire safety this week because I have an interview.

In this week’s Fire News Segment I tell you an awesome story that is from the website.  An Assistant Fire Chief caught a baby from a two-story apartment when it caught on fire.  Big congratulations to him!  Click here for the whole article.

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