Aerial Trucks and Fire Hazards – TFRS #6

This week’s topic Jared discuses the differences between Aerial Tiller trucks, Towers, Ladders, and Quints.  I wish I had some pictures but unfortunately I don’t so I am unable to post any on here.  But if you don’t know what tiller ladder truck looks like then just  google it.

In this weeks episode there is no interview, but next week Jared WILL be having one with Scott Orr, Host of Code 3 – The Firefighters’ Podcast, so stay tuned for that!!!!

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Interview with Chief Chris Whytock – TFRS #5

In this weeks episode of The Fire-Rescue Show Jared has his first interview!!!!  It is with the Chief from the Rockland, Maine Fire Department, Chief Chris Whytock.  He tells his story from how he got interested in firefighting, to how he became Chief, and a lot more.  So thank you Chief Whytock for coming on!

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