EMS Differences and Duckling Rescue – TFRS #4

This is the 4th episode of The Fire-Rescue Show!!

I just wanted to thank Sounddogs.com again for contributing the intro sirens to the podcast.  They are a great place to get sound effects for lots of different things.  Check it out!!

This weeks topic is about how EMS operates several different ways in different towns.  Tune in and find out how they do it!

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Different Fire Apparatus and Remarkable Rescue – TFRS #3

In the 3rd episode of The Fire-Rescue Show Jared talks about the types of fire apparatus.  Some of the main ones are:

Engine (or Pumper)

Ladder (and/or Tiller trucks)

Rescue (heavy rescue)


Chief cars

These are only the main types of fire apparatus, but there are more.  I just named some of the main kinds.

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Welcome Show/Intro – The Fire-Rescue Show

Hello everyone!  This is the initial episode, launching The Fire-Rescue Show.

Sounddogs.com is a great place to get all different kinds of sounds from crickets to police sirens.  Special thanks to them for contributing the intro sirens to this podcast.

Jared is 11 years old and wants to be a firefighter someday.  This will be a bi-weekly podcast, and stay tuned for many awesome guests in the future.

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Email: thefirerescueshow@myfairpoint.net